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Hotel Housekeeper shares her dirty little secrets!

whisper Hotel Housekeeper shares her dirty little secrets!

Housekeeper spills the beans!

As long as it looked clean:
I cut corners everywhere I could. Instead of vacuuming, I found that just picking up the larger crumbs from the carpet would do. Rather than scrub the tub with hot water, sometimes it was just a spray-and-wipe kind of day. After several weeks on the job, I discovered that the staff leader who inspected the rooms couldn’t tell the difference between a clean sink and one that was simply dry, so I would often just run a rag over the wet spots. But I never skipped changing the sheets. I wouldn’t sink that low, no matter how lazy I was feeling.

The best guests sleep in:
Three simple letters could inspire the “Hallelujah” chorus: DND, or do not disturb. One sign hanging on a doorknob, and the day’s work was shortened by half an hour. Two signs? Pure heaven, but only if they remained there until my eight-hour shift ended—otherwise I’d have to circle back and clean the rooms. My daily list of 15 rooms (out of 325 in the hotel) consisted of DOs (due out) and Os (occupied), which in housekeeping lingo meant the guests were scheduled to check out or were staying another night. An occupied room was less labor-intensive (making the beds rather than changing the sheets saved me 20 minutes), but there was always the possibility the guest would stay in the room while you worked. One man watched me clean his entire room, from scrubbing the toilet to emptying the trash—and told me at the end that I was “building character.” Condescension is not nearly as encouraging to a maid as a couple of dollars.

A bacterial wonderland:
I was disgusted by the many guests I came in contact with through the things they left behind: the hairs on the pillow, the urine on the toilet seat, the half-eaten cookie, the stained sheets. One woman had soiled her sheets so thoroughly that we had to toss them in a biohazard bag—they could never be used again. Rooms where young kids stayed were the worst, with food ground into the carpet and piles of used diapers in the trash. That kind of demoralizing mess could take 45 minutes to clean up. Most maids wore rubber gloves when they worked, but mine were too big, so I discarded them. Unsurprisingly, I got the flu twice.

Not for love—or money:
I didn’t know maids received tips, so it took me weeks to realize that the coins left in rooms were an intentional gift. My tips were paltry: I almost never received more than $1, and at times guests left religious pamphlets. One day, however, I was shocked to find a crisp $100 bill lying on a table. Although the generous tip put a little spring in my step and compelled me to do a better job that day, it didn’t change my work ethic for long. I apologize to you now if you ever stayed in one of my rooms. You deserved better. But if housekeepers were paid more than minimum wage—and the tips were a bit better—I might have cleaned your toilet rather than just flushed it.

Oh No! What are your thoughts?

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November 3, 2010 at 2:31 PM


I knew about this lil secret a long time ago. That’s why whenever I do visit any hotels, I take clean everything (sheets, towels, soap, etc). I even take cleaning supplies to clean the tub and sinks and everything else we will be using while we are there. I don’t even use the soap or the hand towels, I take everything we will need for our stay. And it is freakin sad as shyt to have do that but in this day and age. Some people are just that trifflin too and don’t care

I remember my aunt working for a major hotel chain and she told us about this years ago, so I take real precaution when it comes to my stays at any hotels.


November 3, 2010 at 7:23 PM


I work in the hotel industry now as a desk clerk and I am really close with the housekeeping staff and they really do get the crappy end of the stick most times. Really and truly it boils down to the management of a property not just the housekeeping. If management does not do it’s job of properly supervising then who’s going to try (that’s in any industry). I do agree with the lady who wrote the article however, some guest are just disgusting, inconsiderate, and want you to bend over backwards as if they’re royalty.
But just a word of advice to anyone who travels frequently avoid using the comforters most hotels only wash them once a week or if they’re noticeably dirty in order to save water. And a tip here and there for your housekeeper would be nice.


November 3, 2010 at 7:30 PM


Ikr@number 1
I do the same thing If I have to stay at a hotel too. That sad part is the we pay these high room rates, but I have to bring everything with us.


November 3, 2010 at 9:17 PM


not really surprised…aint no place like home! but I def. wouldn’t expect that @ a 5 star place that costs big $$


November 4, 2010 at 1:46 AM


No More Hotel for me !!!


November 4, 2010 at 6:57 AM


I can’t blame them. Not a job I would want to do. I can’t stand cleaning my own house let alone clean someone elses mess, ain’t happening.


November 4, 2010 at 9:44 AM


i used to work for Beswtwestern as a desk clerk and i’ve seen how housekeepers have been treated. people look at maids as nothing more than people who clean toilets for a living. most are overworked and underpaid… however that is NO excuse to be nasty and not do your job, tips are usually appreciated NOT required therefor your guest not leaving one is not a good excuse for you not properly cleaning the room for the next guest.. after all the person who damaged the room is gone so you’re not getting back at them you’re actually punishing future guest…. so effing what you only make minimum wage for what you do.. thats YOUR JOB, you’re the one that signed on for that, you knew how how much it paid and what you had to do when you accepted the position you shouldve declined if there wasnt enough perks for the work…. its maids like this thats the reason housekeepers get little respect


November 4, 2010 at 10:24 AM


nasty bitch, she should never get another job, grimy tramp, basically she getting paid for shit, wack wack wack wack wack


November 4, 2010 at 2:47 PM


I agree with # 7, if you didnt like the job you shouldnt have took the job, and dont make someone else suffer, cause i stay at hotels alot when i got out of town and i never knew about this, its nasty and i have a child too, boy if my baby get sick some hotel gone pay fa real. but on the real clean cause its your job and if you dont like it then find another job.


November 4, 2010 at 3:02 PM


I use to work at a Super 8 at the front desk,and I use to get called on so much when I was younger,lol. The reason I know that because I was the one answering the phones pretending the manager. I would be on the other end killing myself laughing. It did them no good to talk to the Indians either,lol. They was even more pissed by them that they forgot all about me. These people expect you to kiss they ass,NOT! I ain’t showing no type of love to mess like that! Then I had the ones who couldn’t stand to see a black person working at front desk( like that is some special shiiit or something). I would give them the highest price I could which was just fine by the Indians. But for real tho, I learned that some people really love to lie on people . A lot of those call on our staff was nothing but lies.(jealous bitches and retarded acting white people)

The only real problem guests has with me is just I take up the for housekeepers. Now our housekeepers did their jobs, and did not deserve to be disrespected by the guests.You could have mess around and call them maids if you wanted too. Oh they would straighten you too quick on that. But like clock work at checkout time they wanna cry to me about it. I basically didn’t even wanna hear it because I already knew what happen. I mean really expected me to fire them, and have the manager fire too( Like I could have done that.)I wouldn’t have done that if I could. But I did get tried of fixing the manager’s mess. Oh well that was my buddy!


November 5, 2010 at 3:04 PM


Come on IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THAT LINE OF WORK YOU GOTA DO IT thats like me saying im sick of my job so i’m not going to wash my hands and i’m going to come to work sick. You can get fined for shyt like this and put out of business and then you won’t have a job to complain about. a SERVER ONLY MAKES 3.15 PLUS TIPS and because the economy fucked up these maid type jobs are the only things ppl willing to still hire for thats what you decided to do..
But a little help to the travelers.. all you need to do is inspect your room when you first get there. pull the sheets back, look at the chairs, & bathrooms and if its not to your expectations they will move you right away.. thats the best part of being in a membership club like AAA they check all that out for you in the beginning so you don’t have to and if you do stumble upon something disgusting call corporate!!! they will get in trouble believe me . unless you staying in a family owned hotel and most of the time those are 2 stars any way , thats a NO NO!


November 6, 2010 at 2:47 AM


I agree with number 11, and yea if the complaint is true and reported right away then there will be a fine. Yeah,most people with some sense would check out a room before they agree to stay(recommended).

But then you have the ones asking to either changed rooms,or ask for a refund after they have been in their rooms 3 hours or more. The only way a clerk could grant that request without getting wrote up is the toilet,tv,shower,ac,heater,or phone had to stop working; the clerk has to check the room also(dirty sheets,musty smells, or having ants apply also).

Then if everything checks out then the clerk gotta change everything on paper, in the computer, and document it in front desk log for the next shift so that won’t try to sell a room that is down. If the clerk doesn’t do this then they will be wrote up or fire.

Now, if a guest use the room and wanna just change rooms or want money back. Or try to say that something is wrong with the room,but refuse to let the clerk check it out. Then no room change or money will be refunded. Those are the very people I am talking about. They get mad and wanna make-up things that never happen.

But what they don’t know is that it is very easy to discover that they are lying. For example, if they made a complaint to the company,or AAA saying they wasn’t even in their room an hour and the clerk would not refund them, and he or she was rude to them. Then all the manager is gonna do is fax the info to the company to prove it’s not true. See, everything is recorded from the front desk, phone,outside the property(far and near), and around housekeeper’s stations.

Plus, the clerk have to also document when that guest complained, what they said,time of check-in,and make sure this is the 1st thing the 3rd shift knows which they will brief management.Boyy, and it that clerk doesn’t document what happen that clerk will be fire. Because that will cause that property loss of points and be fined.

To me the only job worth having at a hotel is the 3rd shift front desk. They rarely have to deal with anybody,higher pay,barely any phone calls, all that clerk does is run the night audit, and maybe some check-ins if every room is not full.Everything else can be a headache most of the time.


November 8, 2010 at 3:39 PM


I work front desk at a hotel and i have also worked housekeeping. Yes it’s an overworked under paid job but i did it right everytime because i would want my room clean so i did it for other people. All of you out their who do half a** jobs and don’t care because you don’t feel like it get another job and these days good luck finding one. Do it right or leave it alone; just so you know carma is a b. It will come back and in a mighty way. GOD sees all even when you think you are getting away with it. Let me find anything because I know what to look for and I do and I promise I will find out who cleaned my room because I can and I will personally whoop your a** and get you fired. You nasty withches


November 9, 2010 at 2:16 AM


that was just pretty damn disgusting makes me think twice bout staying in an hotel…mmmh hmmm


November 15, 2010 at 11:33 AM


Nasty sh!t


November 23, 2010 at 11:21 AM


what’s up with everyone writing essays? anyways when you are overworked and underpaid you start doing the most absurd of things (I’m looking at you Dominoes pizza workers).


November 23, 2010 at 2:15 PM


Well, I see your mind doesn’t expand over 2 sentences.The last time I checked, a sentence didn’t start with a lowercase letter.SMH


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