Students Gets Bad Grades In School... Check Out How His Father Punished Him!

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— March 12, 2012
How embarrassing!! This 7th grade student from Florida wasn't expecting to be promoting his poor school performance during rush hour in his own city... Once his father received the bad report card in the mail, it was on! Humiliation was this students punishment that came along with a body sign that Michael Bell Jr. was forced to wear on the crosswalk of a busy intersection.
The front reads: 'Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?' The back reads: 'Hey, I'm in the 7th grade and I have an 'F' for the semester. Is anything wrong with that. Blow your horn if you don't think so. Thank you!!!' Like all teens who are concerned about their reputations, young Michael took the lesson to heart.

'I don't like it, but I know that it was my fault that it got to this point,' he told News 10.

His father was with him the entire time that Michael was standing on the corner of North Kendall Drive in south Miami.

'He has been screwing up in school, behavior and right now I am trying to send a message to him,' Mr Bell said.

We  need more fathers like Michael Bell... don't judge us!
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