Nicki Minaj Kisses Lil' Wayne On The Lips + Drake Goes Face To Face With Common!

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— February 27, 2012
YMCMB took over the 2012 NBA All-Star game in Orlando stirring much controversy with two photos that took place on the sidelines. The first photo consists of one Nicki Minaj and one Lil' Wayne lip locking. If you look beneath them, you will see one salty looking Drake who doesn't seem to be enjoying their moment. [singlepic=14074] The second photo consists of a highly anticipated meeting from what seemed to be hip hop's realest and most current beef between two rappers. Common and Drake exchange "friendly" words after all of the drama that took place between the two. Weeeakk!! [singlepic=14080]
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