Colorado Doctor Drops Baby On The Floor Seconds After Delivery, Then Baby Dies!

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— December 19, 2011

A newborn baby’s fall to the floor immediately after delivery caused bleeding on the infant’s brain and a bruise to his scalp but did not cause his death, according to a coroner.

The baby’s father, Martin Aguirre, said his son slid out of the doctor’s hands on to the ground during delivery on Tuesday at University of Colorado Hospital. The child's mother has not been named.

Coroner Monica Broncucia-Jordan ruled this week that death was not caused by the fall but by a genetic condition.

According to 9 News, the coroner's office does not believe the fall had anything to do with the baby's death because there was no evidence from the autopsy that the infant had even taken a breath.

The baby also suffered from a disorder Trisomy 18, or Edward's Syndrome - where the individual has an extra copy of material on chromosome 18.

The condition can result in low birth weight, mental deficiencies and underdeveloped limbs. Horrified: The father of the baby boy Martin Aguirre watched the child slip out of the doctor's hands at the University of Colorado Hospital after his girlfriend gave birth

Half of infants with Edward's Syndrome do not survive beyond one week. Some children have survived until they are teenagers but with serious medical and developmental problems.

University of Colorado continue to investigate the incident but has not confirmed the baby slipped on to the floor.

The baby's grandmother Georgia Medina told 9 News she could not get the image of the baby falling out of her mind. Source

Bless his tiny soul.

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