Chris Brown Chin Checked Drake With An Elbow To The Face Over Rihanna?!

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— November 4, 2011

Drake and Chris BrownWord on the internet is buzzing that Chris Brown threw a nice elbow towards Drake's jaw area and all Drizzy heard from that point on was Rihanna's "Man Down" on replay.


But would Chris Brown go after Drake over Rihanna? You'd assume that Chris would seem to be okay with Rihanna moving on with her life. She's dated a few people since her incident relationship with Chris.

She even dated a baseball player! But none... like Drake (remember when he first came out about his love for Rihanna?)

Chris Brown and Drake are hands down the two best club-radio-female infatuated and dominating artists going hard in music! So just like two prized fighters do, you have to mark your spot at the top.

You think Chris is just going to let people keep getting over on him like that? We all know his temper. And if this fight really did happen between him or Drake, you'd have to give it up to Chris. This was a true street move. Stories like this do not go down in the streets. But of course, Drake would know about that. He's from Canada.

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