This Is What Kanye West Meant When He Said "That Shit Cray"

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— November 2, 2011
Ronald and Reginald KrayEver wondered what Yeezy meant when he told Jigga "that shit cray"?

The origin of the term "Cray" from the "Niggas in Paris" single off Jay-Z and Kanye West' "Watch the Throne" album is actually not a shortened form of the word "crazy", nor is it "cray", it's actually "Kray". It's in reference to the schizophrenic twins Ronald and Reginald Kray... The Kray twins who were the crime lords in London in the 50's and 60's... The police failed to locate them on numerous occasions, which is where the line "ball so hard, muthafuckas wanna find me, that shit Kray. That shit Kray. That shit Kray".

Who said rappers were dumb? That shit cray!

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