Lady Gaga Wants Her New Perfume To Smell Like Blood And Semen!?

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— March 3, 2011
Lady Gaga

Get a whiff of this.

Lady Gaga is currently developing her first fragrance—and, according to, industry insiders working on the project say the singer wants it to smell like "semen and blood." Before you say ew, though, consider this... Is Gaga's eau de bodily fluids really that shocking? The controversy-courting popster wears meat dresses and straitjackets like it's no big deal, and she's been known to offend the Catholic church in her videos. So, whether it's true or not, blood and semen do fit right in with the Lady's offbeat aesthetics. No doubt her Little Monsters will be all over it when the scent launches in spring 2012. And how about you—care for a spritz? Source

So who's gonna buy this?

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