13-year-old Girl Gang Raped By 4 Men, Then Forced To Sign A "consent Form"!

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— January 4, 2011

A 13-year-old girl in Austin, TX was gang raped by four men.

This grim story begins when the 13-year-old dialed a wrong number and ended up speaking to 21-year-old Vance Harris and Bernard Small. The men convinced the young girl to meet with them and be picked up from her home. Once the girl was picked up at her home, she was sexually assaulted in the car and taken to a house and assaulted some more. But now another gang member had joined the fray. The young girl then had to have sex with Ray Harper because "this is what Bloods do." Another man then joined to make it four disgusting men who felt they needed rape someone's little girl. If you didn't think this story could get any worse, it does. The young girl cried and screamed until 19-year-old Rebecca Ward entered the room. But instead of offering a helping hand, she made the young girl sign a "consent form." They then had the nerve to drop the girl off to her parents, who then mustered up the courage and promptly told her parents what took place. Source

The four men have been arrested but the girl who made her sign the form is still on the loose. The girl needed counseling before and after speaking to the police.

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