A Short List Of Jobs That Pay $100 Or More An Hour!

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— December 14, 2010

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Tattoo Artist The top 10 percent of tattoo artists earn on average $130 an hour but, like pilots, they're not working 40 hours a week at that rate. They usually negotiate a price per tattoo with the client. Underwater Welder You can make $900 to $1200 a day, according to the Commercial Diving Academy, working extreme hours (30 days at sea with 12-hour shifts) in extreme conditions — the "saturation" part refers to maxing out your body's capability to handle the pressure of being at depths of 700 feet or more for extended periods of time. Anesthesiologist The mean hourly wage is $101.80, according to the Labor Department. The pay is so high because the patient's very life is in their hands: They not only determine how much of anesthetic to administer but also record and monitor the patient's vital signs throughout the surgery. Commercial Pilot The top 10 percent of commercial pilots earn an average of $120 an hour, according to PayScale.com. However, this is one of those cases where most pilots don't have high annual salary because that's the rate for flight hours and they're not in the air 40 hours a week. FAA regulations limit flying time to a max of 100 hours a month or 1,000 hours a year. Arbitrator Arbitrators are legal professionals who help settle disputes outside of court, a quicker and cheaper resolution, though make no mistake — arbitrators still make a good buck. Pay Scale estimates that the top 10 percent earn $130 on average. Orthodontist Braces! Tons of kids need them and orthodontists make top dollar straightening out those teeth. The mean hourly wage is $99.13 an hour, according to the Labor Department, which means probably half of the profession earns $100 or more an hour. The highest-paying states for orthodontists are Alabama, Oregon and Oklahoma, the department reports. Freelance Photographer Most freelance photographers earn $13 to $50 an hour but the top 10 percent, on average, earn $100 an hour, according to Pay Scale. Interior Designer The top 10 percent of interior designers earn, on average, $100 an hour, according to Pay Scale. Those who can provide architectural, engineering and other specialized services in addition to design tend to earn top dollar. Hand Model "Parts" models as they're called in the biz, may be selected for their extraordinary hands, feet, torso or other body parts to model "everything from diapers to diamonds" as one hand model told Katie Couric. They tend to earn about $100 an hour, according to Job Monkey. Life Coach Life coaches on average earn $100 to $150 an hour, according to the International Coaching Federation. Executive and corporate coaches tend to earn the most. Massage Therapist Massage therapists can make $100 an hour or more, according to the American Massage Therapy Association , though you probably won't make that in a spa — the highest earners are in private practice. The average is $45 an hour. Geographically, the potential for earning that $100+ an hour is highest in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Political Speechwriter The informal consensus is that political speechwriters earn $100 an hour, according to "Career Opportunities in Writing," a book by Allan Taylor, James Robert Parish and Brad Schreiber.

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