Michael Jackson's BODY TO BE DUG UP In A LEGAL DEFENSE For His Doctor?!

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— August 29, 2010
Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson

As a legal defense against a charge of involuntary manslaughter to Doctor Conrad Murray, they may have to DIG UP THE BODY OF MICHAEL JACKSON!!

The lawyers will argue that MJ died from the use of recreational drugs(Propofol) and may demand that his body be dug up for new tests ahead of Murray's trial next year, reported News Of The World online.

"This is a horrifying situation the family have been dreading. They laid Michael to rest and for him to return is just sick." says a close relative to the Jackson family.

Lead lawyer Ed Chernoff has already been given permission to re-test samples removed and frozen after the 50-year-old’s death in June 2009.

The source added: "If the tests don't concur with the coroner's findings, they have the start of a strong defense. The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests."

Let that man REST IN PEACE!! Wherever that may be *blank stare*...

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