Lebron James' Mother Secretly Sleeping With His Teammate Delonte West?

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— May 18, 2010

Here's the icky email that's been circulating the internet:
A large number of NBA employees received a VERY interesting email today regarding a developing LeBron James story. I figured before the ESPN assholes get wind of it, you guys should break the story. The word from David Stern’s office is that Delonte West has been sleeping with LeBron’s MOTHER for a couple months now, and LeBron has recently found out. For some reason Delonte is still alive, but not for long – when Cleveland fans find out that for this reason LeBron wants out of Cleveland no matter what. This could explain Delonte’s decreased playing time of late, and who knows – maybe why LeBron hasn’t seemed to have his head fully in the game. Source

Will somebody please clean this rumor up? It's pretty nasty.

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