Karrine “Superhead” Steffans And Darius McCrary... Divorce!!

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— March 12, 2010
Superhead and Darius McCraryJust when you thought Eddie Winslow was whipped on THE MOUTH...
Child star-turned-soap stud Darius McCrary’s shortlived marriage to retired rap industry ho Karrine “Superhead” Steffans in no more. McCrary — who replaced Shemar Moore as Malcom Winters on the CBS daytime drama The Young & The Restless — served his controversial spouse with divorce papers last month, pulling the plug on the nearly year-old marriage just days before Valentine’s Day. While Darius, now 33, says he still cares about Karrine, the volatile nature of their stormy romance has become too much for him to bare. “I will always love Karrine and her son, but we are not good together. It was just time for us to go our separate ways,” the actor revealed in the March 22 issue of The National Enquirer.
Superhead and Eddie WinslowThere's more...
A source close to the warring exes tells the tab: “He hoped he and Karrine could remain friends. Even though he was filing, he sent flowers to remind Karrine that he still cares about her. He wanted to say let’s go our separate ways, but wish each other well.” Karrine, on the other hand, insist Darius was unfaithful to her. A claim the soap star denies. “He cheated on me. You can’t cover that up with a bouquet of flowers!” The pair have certainly enjoyed a bumpy road in their three years together. You may recall that Karrine — a New York Times Best-Selling Author once romantically-linked to half the hip-hop community — tried to mow Darius down with her car after he allegedly choked her in a Los Angeles parking lot. And of course there was the time she aired him out with anal beads. Source
LOVE isn't for everyone... Especially her.

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