Rapper Trina NUDE PHOTOS Leaked + Man Holds Her Cellphone RANSOM!

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— February 28, 2010
An unidentified man is playing a cruel joke on Trina as they recently leaked some pretty personal photos after finding her cell phone. These photos detail her past relationship with Denver Nuggets NBA Player Kenyon Martin and personal images of the skin rashes on Trina's body.


In a video clip leaked on WSHH, the man speaks with a disguised voice and demands $100,000 from Trina in exchange for her cell phone and the photos.
“B*tch, we found your phone in Atlanta. You want the phone back, give us a hundred thousand cash… Put it in a PayPal account… mail it to us. We in Decatur, shawty! You already know.”
Dude also claims that he will be releasing some personal videos of Trina with her former boyfriend Kenyon Martin smoking weed. This is expected to drop only if Trina does not respond or front the money.

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