Rick Ross Pays Child Support + Tia Kemp Shoots With 50 Cent!

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— September 28, 2009
Rapper Rick Ross appeared in court on September 21 as part of an ongoing child-support battle with his former ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp. He was ordered to pay temporary child support and health coverage for his son William Roberts III. The rapper was also granted visitation rights during the hearing and was ordered to pay Kemp’s legal bills in regards to the matter as well. Kemp has consistently blasted Rick Ross on her Twitter page, accusing the chart-topping rapper of being a dead beat dad.
“I’m tired of men bragging about what they are and what they have but they’re not even man enough to take care of their kids,” Kemp Twittered in August.
More recently, on September 14, Kemp blasted Ross on their son’s birthday.
“Let’s see if his lame ass father actually grows enough ball and at least call to wish his son a happy birthday,” Kemp Tweeted. Tia Kemp has one child by Rick Ross.
She became involved in the rapper’s feud with his arch-rival 50 Cent, when she appeared in videos with the G-Unit leader. Kemp released Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap, a tell-all book about Rick Ross under 50 Cent’s G-Unit Books imprint in May.
Tia Kemp and 50 cent are on the cover of September 2009 issue of Smooth Magazine. Make sure yall pick up a copy!

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