Comedian Mo'nique Lost 40 Pounds And Says Her Sex Life Is So Much Better!

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— August 13, 2009
We bet!
“The sex is better! I have so much more energy. I can move around better, and that’s what it’s all about. I want to lose more, so I’ll just keep eating better and exercising, and the weight will come off,” she says. “It took time to put in on, and it will take time to take if off. It’s still okay to be big, but let’s be big and healthy. I had to lose some weight to get healthier because I want to be around for a while. I have twin sons who are 3 and a son who is 19, and I want the opportunity to meet their children.” Source: Life and Style Mag
What ever happen to the days when she loved being a big beautiful woman? Guess that's old news or maybe she said all those things to trick herself into thinking she was comfortable with her weight. We're happy for her! Mo’Nique went from 262 to 220 pounds. She's looking good these days!
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