Fake Keisha Pulliam Exposes Thirsty Celebs On Twitter!

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— April 15, 2009
Keshia Knight PulliamTwitter is really hot right now. It's cool and easy to network but you have to watch what you say cause it can get real ugly. Keisha Knight Pulliam also known as Rudy Huxable, was a victim of identity theft last night. @K_Knightpulliam was created a couple weeks ago and gained nearly 5,000 followers. In the end, she put a few celebs on blast. The fake Keisha posted Yung Berg and Malik Yoba's direct messages for all to see.
“@TheRealYungBerg @k_knightpulliam I would love to fly yo sexy ass out to miami wit me, whats good?! hit my line (925) ***-****” “@malikyoba @k_knightpulliam Damn girl!!! mmm mmm mmm How u have womanized!! Hit Me direct # (310) ***-****“
A message was sent to Lance Gross on twitter. He then contacted Keisha to find out if she had an account. Moments later he sent out a tweet “hey so Keisha just told me she doesn’t have a twitter account yet K_KnightPulliam isn’t really her:-/.” Lots of celebs fell for this fake. Her profile has been deleted for good. All in all, we love twitter but you have to watch who you give your info to....*Cough* Follow us: www.twitter.com/therundown

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