Young Jeezy's Ready For War With Bill O'Reilly!

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— January 27, 2009
Young JeezyIn a recent edition of the "O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly and friends called out Young Jeezy and Jay-Z for their anti-bush antics taken place at the Pre-Inaugural party for Barack Obama. During the segment, Bill took the time make fun and call out Jeezy by "Little Jeezy" and "Emphysema, or whatever his name is." Check out Young Jeezy's response on this...
Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean?” “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing. If you gotta mispronounce my name to try to be funny and you got a Harvard or whatever education you got, then you’re really showing how ignorant you are.” “If you didn’t hear what the fuck I said, it’s all good, but you didn’t hear all these people crying in New Orleans,” he continued. “You ain’t know bout the [Oscar] Grant kid that got killed in Oakland, you ain’t speaking on that. You ain’t talking about these ladies out here killing these babies, you worried about what I said.” Source: XXL Magazine
What will come from all of this?

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