Bill Cosby's Daughter Speaks Out On Being Privileged!

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— August 12, 2008
Bill Cosby and his DaughterBill Cosby's daughter recently spoke on being privileged:
“My own people used to say to me, ‘You speak like a white woman,’” said the youngest daughter of Bill and Camille Cosby at her chic new boutique, PB & Caviar, in Tribeca. “What does that even mean, anyway? Everyone has their way of speaking and living their life. No one should be judging and assuming that because I’m black, I have to speak in that hip-hop way. That’s something I prefer not to do.” “I always went to private schools - Bank Street elementary, Columbia Prep - so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much African-American, but privileged. I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle. But my dad is very into helping people from his own community in Philadelphia.” Source: NY Daily News
What are your thoughts on this?
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