Rocsi Walks Off 106 & Park And Gets Replaced Immediately After?

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— July 15, 2008
Terrence and RocsiOn Friday's episode of BET's 106 & Park, co-host Rocsi walked off the show due to Terrance's continuous disrespectful comments.
"Why don't you have a body like Ciara's?" after they showed the "Stepped On My J's" video, or, "you need a breath mint!" and even "Remember your lines!" was said by Terrance to his long time co-host and friend. Click here to watch the video recap!
We have met the 106 & Park duo a few times and can definitely confirm a solid friendship between the two. It seems as if Friday's occurrences on the show could have possibly been scripted to boost show ratings. Regardless of their "sudden bitter relations," Rocsi made her way towards the exit and "stepped off" the show. Terrence and Keri HilsonAs a result of Rocsi's sudden departure from 106 & Park, singer Keri Hilson started off the show's week by co-hosting with Terrance as well as previewing her new music video for "Energy." It is rumored that various co-hosts will be visiting all week aiding BET's decision to make a new adjustment for the show. With that said and with all the drama pushed to the side, what are your thoughts on Miss Rocsi's future and was she right for stepping away after being "mistreated?"

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