Suge Knight Wants A Rematch With A $1 Million Price Tag!

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— May 16, 2008
Suge Knight knocked out cold!It looks like big Suge Knight wants to gain some of his big credibility back as he is challenging the man who knocked him out in front of a Los Angeles nightclub for a $1 million prize.
“Suge Knight might have a chance for redemption. [Apparently] several Las Vegas promoters are offering the Death Row Records founder and the infamous man who reportedly knocked him out a chance to fight Pay-Per-View style. The proposed bout would be a bare-knuckled match with the winner taking $1 million dollars. The fight is planned for New Year’s Eve and an invitation has been sent to Knight, however, the tabloid Web site is reporting the unnamed man has yet to be found…” Source: XXL Magazine
Poor Suge... you got what apparantly came to you and the world has seen it. Give it a rest...

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