The Jimmy Hendrix SEX Tape!

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— April 29, 2008
Jimmy Hendrix Sex Tape CoverOkay, Jimmy won't actually be releasing his very own sex tape because he passed away a few decades ago... but Vivid Pictures will! Vivid Pictures has allegedly purchased a bootleg home made 8mm movie of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix having sex in a motel room with two girls sometime in the late 1960's.
“This new movie shows that Jimi Hendrix could have been as great a porn star as he was a rock star. He could clearly play more than just his guitar,” said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. “It’s easy to see that he turned women on with his music and his passion.” “Jimi Hendrix the Sex Tape,” combines 11 minutes of sex footage with a retrospective of Hendrix’s career (one of his music included). The 45 min tape will sell for $39.95 in stores and over the Internet as a download.

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