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— February 20, 2008

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kanye west flashing lights6 022008When Kanye West's album 'Graduation' was first released in September 2007, there was a consensus by any and everyone who listened to it that 'Flashing Lights' was the one track that could never get old. From radio stations to Hollywood hotspots, 'Flashing Lights' was being played more than any other 'non-single' has ever been played in music history; so it was inevitable that Mr. West would delight his fans with a music video to accompany the track that would help cement the song's placement in hip-hop history. Kanye, with the help of model Rita-G, delivered with a video that both amazed and confused simultaneously. Breaking away from the normal 'bottle-popping' club scenes, the Louis Vuitton Don chose to use his music video as an aid to further tell the story his lyrics first introduced to us. Watch the "Flashing Lights" Music Video

For those who were stumped when trying to discover the meaning of the video, as well as the song, The Rundown is here to help:

kanye west flashing lights3 022008'Flashing Lights' is about a superstar who is caught cheating with another woman while traveling on business. He tries to apologize to his girlfriend by telling her how much he cares about her, but is unsuccessful. The video shows us just how unsuccessful the superstar was as we see his girlfriend killing him in the trunk of her car.
Kanye begins the song by saying: "She don't believe in shooting stars."
This shows that the woman does not care if her man is a superstar or not, and that nothing will excuse his actions.
He goes on to say, "but she believes in shoes and cars."
Her 'belief' in shoes and cars is shown by her stripping down and burning her clothing, but never taking off her shoes. Also, rather than turning some of the gasoline she possessed on the car, and burning her boyfriend alive inside, she chose to kill in the trunk and keep her car intact.
Later in the song, Kanye spits: "I get a call like where are you Yeezy Try to hit you with a 'Oeur de Whopee' Till I get flashed by the paparazzi Damn, these *****'s got me,"
kanye west flashing lights4 022008The superstar' receives an 'I miss you' call from his girlfriend only for her to later see paparazzi photos of him and an unknown woman canoodled together. Even though he is still away on business, Kanye shows us that the boyfriend of the story feels bad for what he has done, and wants her to know that as well; hoping they can rekindle when he returns, and pick up where they left off ("I know it's been a while, sweetheart, we hard-ly talk, I was doing my thing. I know I was foul bay-bay, a-bay late-ly you been all on my brain").
"If somebody would've told me a year ago it'd go, get this difficult. Feeling like Katrina with no FEMA Like Martin with no Gina. Like a flight with no visa"
These lyrics show just how ineffective the superstar's apology was.  In regards to the video, the 'difficult' feeling is literally the uncomfortable position he is in while positioned in the trunk of her car-a place he would have never guessed he would be in a year ago.
Furthermore, in the chorus, Dwele sings "But I never thought that you would take it this far. What do I know?"
The boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, of this story did not know that the love of his life would go as far as to actually kill him for a mistake he has made. But then again, what does he know. And lastly, the final thing he saw before he was killed by his partner was the fire she started some feet away from the car, which are the flashing lights that are also being reference to in the chorus.

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And there you have "Flashing Lights" ...
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