Man Arrested For Feeling Lil' Boosie A Lil' Too Much!

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— February 6, 2008
A man was recently arrested for being the only fan of rapper Lil' Boosie! Well, not really... But his arrest resulted from rapping a few of Bossie's lyrics in front of some children.
lilboosiefan 020608A 19-year-old man was arrested in Brookville, Florida on Sunday (February 3) for singing a Lil Boosie song with explicit lyrics in the presence of children. According to Tampa Bay's News 10, Amy Churchill, the children's mother, called the police to report that Christopher Holder was yelling out profanities a he walked with two younger kids on Brookville's Gordon Loop. An offense report notes that Churchill explained that she did not think her children should have to hear that sort of language. When deputies arrived, Holder explained that he was just singing a song by Baton Rouge artist Lil Boosie. The report revealed that Holder himself told the deputies that he didn't believe that children should have to hear profanity either. Nonetheless, he was taken to the Hernando County jail and charged with disorderly conduct. It is unclear which Boosie track Holder was singing. Source: XXL Magazine
Okay... so we lied about this man possibly being the ONLY Lil' Boosie fan but damn, anyone who recites his lyrics should be checked for that alone!
lyrics removed as of request of the Lil' Boosie fan club
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