Lil' Kim Is Asian Now...

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— February 1, 2008
lil kim asian 020208Ok, maybe not Asian, but she for damn sure looks like she is.  Lil Kim was seen making a (not so) grand entrance at the screening for "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton" looking like a total train-wreck. Not only does her face look like she is suffering from the same skin diseases as Michael Jackson, her outfit is atrocious. The jacket-skirt combo looks like something Sarah Jessica-Parker picked over during the first season of ‘Sex and the City' 1998, the belt looks like she purchased it on clearance with the Ross gift card her boyfriend gave her for Christmas, and her shoes were obviously stolen from the oh-so trendy Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood, Ca. And lets not forget to mention the chic hospital brace she is wearing on her left wrist, which is the must-have item for your Spring '08 wardrobe. Seriously, who let her walk out like this?! With those bangs and all that makeup, she looks like she walked into the event and yelled ‘Me love you long time!' Am I wrong for wanting the Lil' Kim in the ‘Crush on You' video back?  She was actually cute.
lil kim asian2 020208Oh, and note to Lil Kim: wearing a Marc Jacobs bag does not make you stylish, ESPECIALY if you are attending a Marc Jacobs event where EVERYONE will be wearing one as well.
This is just sad.
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