Angie Stone Talks Her SH*T About Baby Daddy D'Angelo

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— November 1, 2007
angie stone recently held an interview with Angie Stone and I sensed a little animosity towards her 'baby daddy' D' Angelo. Angie sounds a little bitter but there's always two sides of the story and since we only have one side... check out what she had to say about him:
"Ain't nothin' happen with us. I never really say nothin' negative about him, but he's on my shit list right now." Angie Stone on whether or not she spoke with D'Angelo following his car accident: "Of course. I have a son with him, so I had to speak to him. I'm very upset with him these days. I usually uphold him and try to keep him in the best light possible. I'm really not feeling him right now and he really needs to get his shit together."
Did she just put him on blast like that? Now I want to know more details.... What did D'Angelo do to make this woman so bitchy?
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