A New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

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— October 12, 2007
kim kardashain 101207If you didn't know... Kim Kardashian gained a large ammount of fame for her "Ray-J sex tape" experience and ever since, she has been linked up with many A and B list celebs staring from Marques Houston and The Game to Tyson Beckford to Reggie Bush. She is recently in the works with a new E! reality show by the name of Keeping up with the Kardashians but that isn't the only piece of video work she has coming out according to Vivid Entertainment. Vivid is the company behind the release of Kim's raunchy sex tape with R&B has been Ray-J, are using the series premiere to hit Kimmy with a new sex scandal. Here is a recent press release Vivid released in regards to scandalous new footage of Kim:
Vivid can't take all of the credit for Kim's success, we can let our fans (and Kim's) know that we're not finished with her sexy escapades on tape. New footage has emerged and will soon be making its way to KimKSuperstar.com.
Let me personally correct that... Vivid CAN take all of the credit because I can't name one person or website who didn't know who this chick was before the tape. And ever since... both her and Ray J have been suckin the life out of the Hollywood scene.. literally?

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