Celebrities Not Immune To Mental Illness Despite Popular Belief

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— September 3, 2017
During 2016, suicide in the USA surged to its highest levels in nearly 30 years, according to a federal data analysis, with increases in every single age group except that of older adults. The increase was especially steep for women as well as being substantial among the middle-aged. Depression, social isolation, loneliness and other mental illnesses are running rampant among unsuspecting victims, wreaking havoc and seeing even some of the most popular celebrities in the world falling victim.

Loneliness has the ability to eat away at your very essence. It leaves you feeling vulnerable and afraid. You question your self-worth, you blame yourself for all your failures and you lose hope. Gone are the days that mental illness was virtually unheard of amongst celebrities. Ernest Hemingway and Marilyn Monroe were the first to show us that mental health disorders affect everyone and many celebrated celebs soon followed suit.

Celebrities losing the fight against mental struggles

In August 2014 one of the world’s most beloved actors hanged himself with a belt in his house in Paradise City, California. Robin Williams battled with depression for a long time which, together with a spell of paranoia shortly before his death, was ultimately blamed for his decision to take his own life. The world was in shock not only by the death of own of the most renowned actors of all times but also by the way in which his life ended. How could anyone who brought so much joy into the lives of others by portraying roles in movies such as 'Patch Adams', 'Jumanji' and 'Mrs Doubtfire' succumb to something so harrowing?

A year before Williams’s untimely death Maxim model and reality star Gia Allemand also committed suicide by hanging. Gia was beautiful and successful but she was lonely. Her deep desire for unconditional love was her reason for entering Jake Pavelka’s season of 'The Bachelor'. Gia left the show heartbroken but started dating NBA player Ryan Anderson shortly after. What was meant to be her fairytale ending ended in her death after Ryan admitted saying to her he no longer loved her on the day of her suicide. She couldn’t face a life filled with loneliness again and opted to instead have no life at all.

Simone Battle seemingly had the world at her feet when she committed suicide in September 2014, also by hanging. A spokesperson for the 25-year old stated that she was depressed due to financial matters but those close to her said that the beautiful X Factor finalist and member of girl-group G.R.L had spent time battling the pain of loneliness despite her popularity.

These are just three of the many celebrities who have lost their battles against mental illness. One would think that, with all the resources available to them, celebrities would not fall victim to these things like regular people do, but mental illness has never been picky in choosing its victims. No amount of fame or riches can protect you from the onslaught of the most debilitating condition known to man.

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