Did You Know About This HIDDEN EASTER EGG MAP Found In Grand Theft Auto 5?

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— September 26, 2013
Shouts out to all of you gamers that haven't seen the sun since last weeks epic release of GTA 5. We know you've been busy modding your cars, decking out dope cribs and conquering your missions but we wanted to enlighten you about the unknowns of the game as we did the other day with this other article. Word around town is that if you go to the top of Mt. Chilland, you'll see some strange markings and apparently it fits to a map. We have a more detailed map available... Map of hidden GTA5 locations... Watch the video below at the 17:30 mark to get a first look into these maps and locations: (You must the LIKE button below to reveal the video) [like-gate]
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