GRAND THEFT AUTO 5: Secret Messages And Map Locations Revealed Under A UV LIGHT...

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— September 18, 2013
Word is spreading around the Internet of secret locations hidden on the map that allegedly comes with special edition of the new "Grand Theft Auto V" video game. Since its release, GTA5 has been responsible for depriving children, teens and even grown ass men from daylight and with the reveal of this new information... we don't expect that to change anytime soon! There are rumors that secret locations on the map that can be revealed under a black light. Take a look at some of the photos taken below to display what these markings would look like under the light...
Hidden alien locations? Secret weaponry? Here is what one of the hidden messages read: (Click LIKE below to reveal) [like-gate]

T.P.E - Trevor Philips Enterprises. Weapenry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear.

Lago Zan Cudo. Great ocean, highway north, through north chumash, 0.5 miles past Raton Canyon. <- when guard rail ends, follow the dirt road down the docks. Bring $500.000 cash. xxxxx

[/like-gate] If this is true, GTAV game just got 100 times better!
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