Jaden Smith Is Dating A Kardashian?! Check Him Out Holding Kylie Jenner's Hand...

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— March 5, 2013
You can hate the on hair but you can't hate on the pimpin! It's looking like Jaden Smith is doing it "BIG WILLY STYLE" as he was recently spotted holding hands and marching the streets of London with Kylie Jenner, daughter of Bruce Jenner (Kardashian).
Back in December, heavy rumors hit the Internet that Kendall Jenner (the eldest of the Jenner girls) was the object of Jaden’s affection. Is Jaden hooking up with both sisters or is this one of those "he's like a brother to me" type situation? We hope Will taught Jaden better... in fact, we know he did! The "couple" are currently hanging out in London while celebrating Justin Bieber's 19th birthday.

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