Woman Claims Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Drop Thousands On Group Sex Sessions!

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— January 15, 2013
There is a problem with all these stories now-a-days from celebrity groupies. Either these chicks are telling the 100% truth or they are looking for their time to shine! Word is that Miami Heat baller D. Wade does not only put his D game on the basketball court but inside his bedroom alongside his boo Gabrielle Union and many other chicks!
A love mistress of Dwayne and Gabrielle named Sandrina is now coming out claiming that the couple like to get their Hugh Hefner on during group orgies and have been known to spend anywhere between $1,500-$4,000 to make it happen! This is what Sandrina had to say:

Sandrina lives in Los Angeles and is Dwayne Wade’s jumpoff.

She always in Miami too she splits her time.

Their huge secret is they have actually been f*cking for years but Dwayne recently learned that she has been sleeping with another NBA player too.

He found that out and went ballistic because he has been financing her lifestyle for example he bought her breast implants recently (old pic and new pic for details) and much more.

You may wonder why he would cheat on Gabrielle Union, but it is because Sandrina has ORGY with him!!!! and Dwayne pays the big bucks for it between $1500-4000.

Do you believe this chick?
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