Faith Evans Talks About Her Affair With Tupac!! Check Out What She Said...

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— December 24, 2012
Tupac and Faith EvansIn a book Faith Evans published back in 2008, she opened up about her affair with rapper Tupac Shakur during the time of her relationship with The Notorious BIG. Many have forgotten the juicy details Faith left behind so we thought we'd resurrect it.

Apparently Faith and Tupac had a little fall out, with Pac saying "What?! - You don't want to s#ck my D$@K?".

Check out this excerpt from the book:

I had no idea that 2 pac had signed to Death Row after he was released from prison. I hadnt yet heard that Suge KNight had bailed him out of prison. If i had known that Suge Knight had anything whatsoever to do with 2 pac and hiring me as a vocalist, I would never in a million years have agreed to it.

It was Suge Knight, not 2 pac, who had the rep at this time. Years ago, Id heard that he roughed up Andre Harrell during his tenure at Uptown, Id also heard something about Suge making some guys drink urine. And there was a rumor about him shaking down Vanilla Ice.

One thing i did know was that he didnt like Puff one bit. I knew Suge was someone i didnt want to do business with.

I went from concerned to cautious to downright petrified. We walked into the main room of the studio and i saw several Death Row artist, including Kurupt and his pregnant girlfriend.

In my mind I was screaming I Dont Belong Here! But i had to remain calm. I hated the fact that i hadnt driven in my own car. I was stuck there and didnt have the guts to scrap the whole plan and call someone to pick me up. I just stayed focused on the plan. I was going to sing my song, collect my twenty five grand and be out of there.

I got a Budweiser and Tupac rolled a blunt. I chilled out, waiting for the session to begin. Before long. Suge Knight came in and made a beeline to where I was sitting.

"Its nice to meet you Faith" he said with a smile. I smiled back and shook his hand. "Ive heard alot of nice things about you" he said. I just smiled and nodded.

In that moment. I just wanted to sing the song and leave. I waited for hours as Tupac finished up other songs. I moved around the studio, trying to be sociable. But inside, I felt very self conscious. Everyone there was from LA and on Death Row and here i am, from the East Coast, and artist signed to Bad Boy? I know people must have been looking at me like i was crazy, considering how Suge felt about Puffy at the time.

Three hours passed before Tupac finally called me into the studio. It was crammed with people. I asked him to roll me a blunt and smoked it just to get over the nervousness.

Im suprised i didnt just implode right there in the vocal booth. But i didnt. Somehow, I held it together and sang the one or two lines they wanted me to do. In less than an hour, I was done. A few hours later, Tupac was done with his session, and he led me to a waiting limo in the parking lot. "where's my check?" I asked.

"my manager is bringing it to my hotel right now" he said. "I can bring it to you later on this evening. Or we can swing by there right now and pick it up"

I had alot of experience with people saying they was gonna bring money by at some time later. I wasnt having that. I wanted my check immediately. I agreed to ride with him to the Peninsula Hotel where he was staying.

And of course when we got there. no manager was in sight. There were two dudes in Pac's room smoking, drinking, and listening to music. After an hour of waiting for the manager. I was ready to leave.

"I'll just come back and get the check tomorrow" I said. "Nah just wait a minute. He's on his way" Tupac said.

His two friends left. We were now in his hotel room__alone.

As soon as the door closed behind his friends, Tupac turned to me. His face was completely different. His teeth were clenched, his nostrils were flared, and his eyes were narrow.

"You know, I love New York" he said. "But I'm not fukking with New York right now"

The air in the room seemed to get really thick all of a sudden. His demeanor had changed so quickly that i was truly afraid.

"Really?" i asked. "why is that?"

"Cause n1ggas set me up that night. You know that right?"

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He was staring at me like he thought I was the one who set him up.

"You dont really believe that bullsh1t" I said.

"Im telling you... n1ggas set me up" he said in a low voice.

"Look Pac I just need to get my check and then i have to go"

'The situation with the money is like this, he said. If I give it to you, then you my b1tch.

Your what, I said. I felt a chill go up my back.

"You heard me. You gotta be my b1tch."

I got up and moved farther away from where he was standing.

"Im not anybodys b1tch," I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

"You Biggies b1tch."

I thought about how people always got sh1t wrong. He was probably thinking about the song "Me and my B1tch" And i wasnt with Big when he made that record.

"Im his wife"

"I thought yall broke up?" he aked.

"We still married"


"Look, I said. "You hired me to do a song, I did it, I want my money and thats it"

"Oh word its like that? You just want your money?"

"You told me it wouldnt be a problem. The only reason why i came up here is because you said..."

"So you not trying to suck my d1ck?

"What!" I screamed. "What are you talking about?"

Tupac raised his voice. "You know you want to suck my d1ck, b1tch! Dont fukking lie." I burst into tears and grabbed my purse. I have to get outta here.

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

"But... but... I thought yall were friends," I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

"Whatever. You know you wanna be my b1tch" he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

As soon as i got my things together to leave. Tupac came back out to the common area.

"Where the fukk you going?" he asked.

"I dont know what you thought... I really dont but its not like that"

Tupac just nodded slowly, staring at me intently. He wasnt ranting and screaming anymore. But he had this very sinister smile on his face. I kept looking around the room because i felt like something was about to happen to me. I wasnt sure if those guys were coming back or what. But something was wrong.

"It's not like that?" he kept saying over and over and nodding. "Well aight then, fukking b1tch. You want to leave? Tell the driver to take you home. The limo is still out there. Get The Fukk Out"

I dashed down to the lobby and called my friend Toni Read more

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