Rick Ross Cancels The MMG Tour But Was It Because He's Scared For His Life?

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— December 10, 2012
Rick RossJust when things were about to get good, Rick Ross pulls the plug on his MMG nationwide tour due to “apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter.”

“I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.”

Many people are questioning Rick Ross' real motives on cancelling claiming that the "Boss" rapper is scared of continuing on with the tour after recent death threats from the Gangster Disciples... read more on this. Are you believing Rick Ross' story or do you think he's scared for his life?

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