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— November 23, 2012
soulja boyIn a recently survey conducted by the Associated Press, rapper and Internet phenomenon Soulja Boy was voted as the 'Worst Artist in American Music History'. DAMN!! We all know Soulja is not the best rapper and many may think that he's not even a good rapper but to be labeled and voted by 57% of the people as the worst artist in American music history? That one must burn. Over 200,000 fans in total voted amongst other artists such as Vanilla Ice, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and MC Hammer but the unanimous decision landed in Soulja Boy's lap. There is no word if Soulja Boy will be awarded with a ceremony or trophy for this historic honor. In our opinion, we honestly don't think Soulja Boy is all that bad and we're not saying that because we have a working relationship with him... Yes, we can admit that we often shake our heads when hearing some of the rushed jobs and weak lyrics the young rapper puts out. We can also admit that he may have more bad songs than he does good ones... but there are far more worst rappers out right now or in history that should get this award over Soulja Boy! Let's not forget that the kid makes his own beats, promotes his own music, created his own fan base and flipped his SODMG brand into a multimillion dollar company! You be the judge...    
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