Man Kills His Girlfriend Because She Gave Him HIV!! Says "She Killed Me, So I Killed Her."

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— September 9, 2012
This fool needs to be locked up forever...

A man confessed to stabbing his girlfriend to death because she did not tell him she was HIV positive before they had sex.

'She killed me, so I killed her', Larry Dunn Jr, 36, told officers in Dallas, Texas, after the body of Cicely Bolden, 28, was found by her two young children returning home from school.

The 28-year-old was lying naked from the waist down on her bedroom floor bleeding from two stab wounds in her neck.

Ms Bolden and 36-year-old Dunn had recently started dating. He later told police that when she confessed to having the virus she then told him it was 'not that bad'.

He became upset and walked to the kitchen to get a knife which he used to kill her with, according to police. Read more

May she rest in peace...

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