Rihanna Breaks Her Toe While Bartending + Did Chris Brown Come To Her Aid?

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— July 23, 2012
It seems like Rihanna has been having too much fun partying all weekend plus some in St. Tropez as she recently instagram'd a photo of her new broken toe with the caption...

Bartending lastnight, dropped a bottle, broke it, my foot is still bleeding!!! #phuckyobartender

The fun apparently doesn't stop at a broken toe as Rihanna posted more photos of her partying on a yacht with her girlfriends and even a surprise guest... Magic Johnson! Word is that Chris Brown also touched down not too far from Rihanna's boat as he was spotted taking helicopter photos with Ludacris and also hanging out with Magic and Swizz Beatz on set of a new music video.
Do you think Chris dashed to Rihanna's aid in her time of need? Who knows... but we do know about the following tweet Rihanna hit the twitter World with around the time Chris Brown touched down near her whereabouts...

‘Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit‘.

Hmmm... Here are more photos of Rihanna's fun filled vacay!

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