Darmirra Brunson Is Hollywood's NEXT BIG STAR And The New "PRINCESS OF COMEDY!"

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— July 7, 2012
Darmirra BrunsonDarmirra Brunson is the perfect example to the saying, "If you really want something, you have to work hard to get it." Five months ago, Darmirra experienced a jealous act of hate towards her aspiring career to become Hollywood's next big star when her YouTube channel was hacked and deleted. All of her videos, views and subscribers were wiped off of the face of the Earth and when most people would usually move on or take a break after an occurrence like that, Darmirra got stronger and hungrier. Darmirra immediately collected all her thoughts, opened up a new YouTube channel and worked extremely hard to make a huge impact with her first video...
" target="_blank">and she did! Since the re-opening of her new channel, Darmirra has been creating extremely hilarious videos showcasing her many talents and personalities. Her views have been going off the charts featuring her on some of the greatest websites and media outlets on the planet... and it didn't stop there! Recently, actor/director Tyler Perry conducted a talent search seeking the next big star. After 16,000 submissions and endless talent reviews, it all narrowed down to the talents of Darmirra Brunson alongside her dream of becoming "the Princess of Comedy." Darmirra BrunsonTyler Perry writes on his Facebook page:

With over 16,000 submissions into the talent search contest it was difficult choosing a winner. To all of you who entered the contest, I just want you to know that you have all been entered into the Tyler Perry Studios casting database, and my Casting Director has been instructed to use people from the contest whenever possible. So you may get a call for upcoming movies or TV shows. A lot of you are super talented. Thank you so much for auditioning!

This was a hard decision. The winner of the talent search contest won for several reasons. One is the number of votes, but more important than that is the level of talent. I'm very excited to work with this person because I love breaking fresh new talent. I was so inspired by this person's work that I can't wait to create something for this person to do.

And the winner is Darmirra Brunson:


Let's get to work,


Congratulations to our girl Darmirra Brunson!! Thank you for never giving up and inspiring many upcoming talents across the World by showing them that anything is possible if you put your heart, mind and effort into it. God is the greatest! Check out her video submission to Tyler Perry's contest below...
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