Malcom X Elementary School Declares "Trayvon Martin Day"

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— May 28, 2012
We need more things like this happening in America!!

Over the past two months, rallies have been staged across the country in memory of Trayvon Martin, whose death in Florida at the hands of a neighborhood watch volunteer stirred the passions of the nation. Thousands of protesters — wearing hoodies, as Martin was when he was shot — have carried placards, chanted Martin’s name and sung songs from the civil rights era.

On Friday, J. Harrison Coleman, principal of Malcolm X Elementary in Southeast Washington, organized what she called “Trayvon Martin Day,” there, a gathering to remember the slain teenager and use his death as a teachable moment. There were no hoodies. Instead, the youngsters wore their red and black school uniforms. And there were no signs, chants or songs.

Still, the message from Harrison Coleman resembled that heard elsewhere: The violence has to end.

“I wanted to do something in recognition of Trayvon Martin,” Harrison Coleman said. “I wanted to capture this incident in order to bring about change. . . . This wasn’t about . . . dealing with who’s right or who’s wrong” in the case. Source

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