Nicki Minaj Says That New York City Has NO LOVE For Her...

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— April 4, 2012
In a recent interview with radio/television personality Charlamagne Tha God, Nicki Minaj vents about the love her beloved city of New York has NOT been showing her.

Charlamagne: Let’s talk about New York City. I actually get in arguments because people say Nicki doesn’t rep New York. I say ‘What do you mean, she shouts it out all of the time’?

Nicki Minaj: Y’all don’t want me to rep y’all. Ya’ll don’t hear when I rep ya’ll cause ya’ll be d–kriding everybody else.

Do you feel you get the proper love from New York? Hell F-cking no.

I never understood that because you ran the same circuits of all these other rappers. You came up on mixtapes like everyone else…

I was selling my mixtape out of my muthaf-cking BMW out on Jamaica muthaf- Avenue to Amadue and Hussaine and all them. F-ck you n—as! You n—as don’t know the half of what I’ve been through!!!

Boo hoo Nicki!! Check out this rare video of Nicki spitting some hot bars in her hometown from a few years ago...

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