Meagan Good Is Getting Married + Check Out Her Man!

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— April 3, 2012
The bad girl of Hollywood is taking a major step in her life… down the aisle!

Lingerie-wearing "Californication" actress Meagan Good has decided to take on a more heavenly role -- TMZ has learned ... she's now engaged to her preacher BF.

Meagan's rep tells TMZ, 30-year-old Good recently got engaged to DeVon Franklin -- an exec at Sony Pictures Entertainment who leads a double life as a 7th Day Adventist preacher.

A little rundown on your typical 7th Day Adventist -- he takes the Bible pretty literally, practices Sabbath on Saturday, doesn’t eat pork and frowns upon alcohol ... not that there's anything wrong with that.

According to Meagan's rep, the preacher proposed last month in L.A, but the couple has known each other for years. They began dating just after production wrapped on "Jumping the Broom" ... which Meagan starred in, and DeVon produced. Source

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