Lil' Wayne Says: "It Sux To Be Me Sometimes..." + Find Out Why!

Posted By fuXor under News & Gossip
— March 27, 2012
Lil' Wayne sad almost about to cryDoes it suck to be a millionaire with a million fans who happens to be an international icon? Lil' Wayne thinks so... Weezy recently updated his twitter timeline with a few tweets that had many fans questioning his motive:

Sometimes it is extremely hard to be me. This is one of those times. sux to be me sometimes. But fugg it tho

Sources are telling us that Lil' Wayne's depressing tweets came from a rumor flying around that he had slept around with a groupie inside of a North Carolina recording studio. Lil' Wayne sleeping with groupies is nothing new. What may come as a shocker to many is that Weezy had plans on getting married!! We can only imagine that word came back around to his fiancee and all hell broke loose between the two. Only Weezy knows... stay tuned!
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