Rihanna And Ashton Kutcher Have Been Dating For The Past Two Months?!

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— March 27, 2012
It may come as a surprise to many that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher have been dating on-the-low for the past few months since they kicked it off at a party in December! Rihanna was most recently spotted leaving Kutcher's Beverly Hills come a few days ago.

"The flirting began as soon as Rihanna and Ashton met and swapped numbers. That moved on to texts and arranging to meet. They snuck off to a Santa Monica hotel a few weeks ago. They are two single people having a fling, so thought it would be best to meet in secret," a source said.

Kutcher was known best known in the relationship circle wifing up his now-ex girl Demi Moore. Since an alleged sex scandal went down between the two flames, Kutcher had to kick rocks and made his way over to Rihanna.
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