Whitney Houston Accidently Drowned In Her Bathtub + Cocaine Was Found In Her System!

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— March 22, 2012
Confirmation of the late Whitney Houston's death has finally been revealed and the news will not come pleasantly to her millions of fans across the globe.

Singer Whitney Houston appears to have suffered a heart episode before accidentally drowning in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel suite, according to coroner's officials who listed cocaine use as a contributing factor. read more

We all have witnessed the bright and dark sides of Whitney's career. With all the drama stirring during her early marriage stages with ex-husband Bobby Brown to an alleged drug-filled recent relationship with Ray J, it's hard to point fingers at the cause of her transformation. The best thing to do right now is commend the legend that is Whitney Houston for all that she has done for her family and her fans. She is a great individual and an inspiration to many. God bless her family and God bless her soul.
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