So How Many Kids Does NBA Dwight Howard Really Have?

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— March 19, 2012

The media has found out that Royce Reed's son isn't Dwight's only child. He has a daughter Jayde born in 2010 and a daughter Layla, also born in 2010. That makes 3 baby mamas. According to sources, there are possibly two other kids out there that aren’t being acknowledged publicly by Dwight.

'Basketball Wives' Royce Reed is having some baby daddy drama. Dwight Howard is currently battling her in court to get custody of their son because he says Royce is making it hard for him to see his child.

Last year, Dwight won a $500,000 case against her and froze her bank account after she violated a court order that prohibited her from talking about him in the press. Hard headed ass Royce had to go and run her mouth.

Royce is now shaking in her boots over this custody battle because the judge allegedly has a bias against ‘baby mamas’ who have baby’s out of wedlock with NBA stars. She also fears he will side with Dwight because he's a celebrity.

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